So it's been a while since I actually created a video of working on the car, that's not to say I haven't worked on the car, I ripped the dash out completely! That would have made a cool video, apologies for not being proactive enough to setup the camera.

Anyways, I'm back working on the car, making progress, and hoping to make more progress this weekend getting it running.

So today was spent packing the garage (read about that over here). While getting things packed up made it a productive day, the real joy was with the car. I drove it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been over 23 months since the car last moved under it’s own power, so getting it out of the driveway (harder than it sounds) and driving it around the circle made for a great day.

The car is still hard to start, but once it starts up the first time it generally starts up easier (as you will see in the video). I then had trouble trying to get into gear, keep the car running, and letting off the brake as the ebrake isn’t strong enough to keep it at the top of our driveway. I finally just let the car roll down the driveway and started it at the bottom before driving it around. If you want to see it running and driving skip ahead in the video to around 6 minutes. Commentary provided by my beautiful wife Natalie.

The video is in HD, so watch it that way ;)

After driving it around I even got more of the front end put together, with a grill and air dam installed, I’ll get a picture of that configuration tomorrow.

So tonight after work I came home to get the starter out of the car and took it back to Autozone, fortunately the lifetime warranty was honored! Though I did have to run off to the Autozone Hub to get the replacement starter. The guy at the hub was kind of lost, but he eventually got everything worked out and I headed home with the new (remanufactured) starter.

So the last starter started off working, but after a few days just started spinning without engaging the flywheel, no grinding either. This one, once all wired up worked like a champ. I even got the car started up for a minute or so. I did all this without hooking up the computer, so I didn’t want to spend too much time keeping it running.

So now was the time, time to hookup the laptop and get the video camera out and record the car actually running! Well I am proud to say it was successful, here’s the video below.

So last night after work I came home with the intention of trying to figure out why the car wouldn’t start. My intentions were to check the positioning of the 36-1 wheel for the VR sensor that drives the Megasquirt/EDIS setup. After checking the positioning of the sensor I was going to do a compression check on the motor. Well I threw those intentions out of the window, I wanted to see if after charging the battery the night before things would be better as the changes from the night before were not completely tested due to the drained battery.

Working on the car today. Rewired the VR sensor and installed the radiator. Worked on front air dam, and put the exhaust on. Tried to start it, need to rewire the VR sensor again :(

No luck getting the car running today, will get some supplies this week and prolly attempt again on Wednesday.

I spent the morning with Dave and Terec helping to finish buttoning up items on the 240Z so we could attempt to start it today. We were successful in getting to the point of attempting to start it, though we weren't successful in actually getting it started, there's an issue or two that I need to track down. Likely issues with timing and firing for the Megasquirt. Because the last time I had the car running was back in August 2007 I've now got a new laptop and don't have it configured for the Megasquirt. I'm hoping to get it setup tonight and try to hook it up tomorrow to see what I find.

Here's the video from today's work.

I can’t say I’ve really put any effort into the Datsun on a weeknight in probably the past 20-22 months, tonight I spent a couple of hours in the garage working on a few things to get the motor ready to attempt to start it this weekend. I didn’t get a lot done, but the things I did will save the time I would have had to spend on Saturday doing them. I’ve mostly got the fan in place now, with 4 more bolts to put it onto the clutch. I put the single belt in place, and also hooked up the EDIS trigger on the 36-1 wheel for the megasquirt setup.

I also put the throttlebody and the intake to the turbo back on the car. I put the battery onto the charger so that it’ll be ready to go Saturday. The more I mess with that thing the more I realize I need to get that moved to the back of the car soon after the car runs again, rather than having it sitting up in the engine bay taking up valuable room.

I’ll probably do a few more of these minor buttoning up items tomorrow and Thursday night, leaving for tasks like the radiator and coolant, along with other minor things, for Saturday when Dave and possibly Terec are over to assist.

A HUGE thanks to Terec for coming over today and helping me with the car. We spent a couple hours this morning and were able to get the engine and transmission into the car, it all worked out pretty well with the only hitch being that all the transmission fluid I put in, came back out :D

After that we hooked up the drive shaft, clutch line, and the speedo cable (which last time the car ran didn’t work anyways). We took a break to go get a rental car for my trip to Indianapolis in the morning. After returning home I drained the fuel cell of the gas that unfortunately has been in there since August 2007 when the car last ran. I barely had enough gas cans to drain it fully, though I did have to put some of the cans into the rental car… I figured out how to safely burn off old fuel though :D

Here are some pictures

Engine installed! Engine installed! Read Engine mount Urethant Steering Coupler

and of course the video!

So I had hoped to get the engine installed into the car today but got sidetracked trying to get a final few items finished up before doing so.

First things first I wanted to try and get some of the new bushings I purchased off Ebay back in December into the car, so I attempted to get the old bushings out of the rear motor mount, not having much luck I went to Carquest. They also didn’t have any luck but sent me on to Terry’s Machine Shop in Bridgeton. 25 minutes or so later (which was 20 minutes after they closed) the old bushings were free and room for the new urethane bushings available. I then ran back to Carquest and picked up some lithium grease and headed home.

I painted the rear motor mount one last time, as playing around with the bushings had removed some paint, and then I started on other items. I changed the bushing in the steering coupler to use the new urethane bushing, I also spent some time cleaning up some of the dust, and crap in the engine back from 2yrs ago when the car last ran. After doing this I drained the transmission and checked to see if I had any fluid to put back in it before installing it in the car tomorrow, I didn’t so I picked some up tonight.

I assembled the new bushings in the rear mount and then test fitted it under the car to make sure it would work, success, so hopefully it goes in smoothly tomorrow.

So I didn’t get a whole lot of progress made today, but I hope to tomorrow as Terec will be coming over in the morning and helping me with the big task, getting the motor up and into the car, 6 bolts should be all it takes! Then it’ll probably take me all week to hook up all the wires and lines to it, hopefully I’ll be able to try and crank it over next week.

Here’s the video from today, not much

So I spent most of the day today in the garage, the first time I've done that in probably 20 months, it was nice! Thanks to Dave for coming over and helping me out for a bit, if he hadn't come over I wouldn't have gotten all that I did, done.

Here's what all was accomplished today.

  • Alternator completely mounted
  • Coolant line run and gasket created
  • Rear main seal replaced
  • Clutch installed
  • Transmission installed
  • EDIS pulley mounted
  • Turbo mounted

The motor is pretty much ready to go into the car now, I just need to finish prepping the transmission cross member by putting in the new bushings, put the motor mounts on, and slide it in the engine bay!

Here's today's video, though we missed the lowering of the motor off the engine stand, the battery died on the camera and I didn't realize.

And a few pictures at the end of the day

Turbo for the Datsun Turbo for the Datsun The engine reassembled

After class tonight I spent 30 minutes working on the Datsun. I removed the taillights, which I'd not done before. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't find any rust.Here are the before and after photos.

Before removing the tail lights by chrishammondRemoved the tail lights by chrishammond

I also took some video and uploaded it to YouTube

Spent an hour or two yesterday, working in the garage. Cleaned off the hood of the car, which was buried. After that I spent some time cleaning off the workbench, which was also buried. Lots of junk thrown away, and other junk organized.

I even got working on car parts, taking apart the intake manifold and trying to get it cleaned up. It was full of chunks of metal from the explosion back in the summer of 2007. I think I finally got it cleaned up, and I hope to put the intake back together this week, and maybe even get started on putting it on the motor.

So I had "lost" some bolts for the intake, I found them last week. Today I think I figured out I hadn't lost them, I just didn't realize they were in a bag they were in. Today I spent a little while in the garage getting ready to reassemble the intake and exhaust manifolds on the motor. This video is of that brief work. I'm headed to Orlando Thur/Fri this week, I'll be back late on Friday and hope to spend Saturday and Sunday next weekend putting the motor back together, with the goal of putting the motor in the car the following weekend.
So it has been a while since I've posted any P240Z videos, too long in fact. Well here are two, one that i failed to post back in March, and one that I just made today!
Checkout the video (with a few new dancing moves for entertainment) of the assembly of the new toolbox to try to help me get the garage organized!

I took the car to it's first autocross competition and only made it 3/4 of the first run before the motor seized up. This video is of me starting to tear into the motor to find the cause.

I took the car to the St. Louis SCCA Autocross today and worked on it on the trailer for a while with the intention of driving it around the parking lot for the first drive. Success

It might not idle yet, but the motor runs! This video was taken with my cell phone, sorry for the lack of quality.

Here's some video of me trying to start the car tonight. Today was a day of great progress! It was also hot and probably 99% humidity as you will see by my soaked shirt.

Notice at the end that one of the vacuum caps on the tube between the turbo and the throttle body pops off, it landed in my lap.

I spent the night of the 25th of July 2007 tracking down a few leaks. I was concerned about a coolant leak, and a fuel leak, I found them both.

Russ and Eric helped me get things ready and put the motor back in the car last night. The video is LARGE, but fairly entertaining.

Eric and I put the brakes back together, got the wheels on the car, roll it out of the garage, turn it around, roll it back in, then start cutting out the rear to mount the fuel cell.

I got the motor out of the car again yesterday, here's the video! First half is motor removal, second half is me and Eric working on removing the intake manifold, exhaust manifold and turbo.

I spent tonight removing 3 bolts off the turbo (of 4) and one intake manifold bold, as well as two heat shield bolts and the destruction of another heat shield bolt. This weekend the motor comes out again...

Dad and I spent today working on repairing the floorpan in the Project 240Z. It was a learning experience as I haven't really welded before, just a little practice here and there. After that we put the thermostat a backtogether.

Dad and I spent some time creating a new throttle linkage as the old one off the parts car wouldn't fit on this firewall. After that I had to put the front end together just to see it start to look like a car.

Russ helped me yesterday afternoon and last night with quite a few things on the car. We removed all of the brakes so I can get those turned. Then we started fabricating blockoff plates for the various vacuum and emission lines that will be removed from the car.

Saturday I spent a few hours fixing up the garage. I got the new toolbox together, and some other items organized.

I sanded the area that I bondo'd yesterday on the 240Z. I also then cleaned and sprayed it with primer. Now the Project 240Z officially consists of 6, count them 6, colors. Blue, orange, white, black, brown, and grey. After that I removed the gas tank so I can have that cleaned up like we had done with the radiator last week.

Here's the video of the motor removal. Watch carefully as the motor comes out, you'll see the car falls off the jackstands, actually making it easier to get the motor out. Thankfully I had the wheels still on the car.