Parts to purchase

Time to keep track of things I need to buy for the 240Z. Here's the start of my list.

Fuel Cell
Brake Pads (future purchase)
Brake Shoes (future purchase)
Wheel Bearings (future purchase)
Coolant Temparature Sensor GM for Megasquirt
IAT Sensor GM for Megasquirt
Intake Manifold Gasket
Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Turbo Oil Feed Line
Oil Cooler
Oil Cooler Lines
Oil Cooler Attachments
Fuel Lines
Fuse Panel
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Rail
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Fuel Injectors
MSA Triangular Strut Bar, 70-8/74 Z
MSA Strut Bar, 70-78 Z Rear
MSA Sway Bar Kit, 70-73 Z, Front 1", Rear 7/8"
Door Weather Seals

Exhaust Flange


More as I remember things!