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So I don’t know why I didn’t think of this a month ago, would have saved me some money on shipping, but the Corbeau A4s for the 240z are sold. John V, the guy who bought the Corvette has purchased them for use in his RX-7 that I bought and shipped to him a few weeks ago. Would have made sense to pack the seats in the car then, but I didn’t realize he was going to be interested in them, oh well.

On an unrelated note, have you checked out our sister-site, You might ask, but you don’t even have a 350Z? True, but I will, at least that’s the plan, to get another one in early 2010 so I can have a car to race next year. I’ve spent a few hours over the past few sick evenings sorting through photos of the old car, which just makes me miss not having a 350Z that much more. I posted photos and got a site design together, though I don’t have much other content up there yet, it will take a few months to get it all together, hopefully just in time to get myself a new (used) ride.

Dozzle, if you read this, I still want to buy my old car back!!!!

So I will start this post off staying this: I know nothing, I am a noob when it comes to the megasquirt, and tuning a fuel injection car (or a carb’d car for that matter).

That being said, I think my megasquirt is giving the car too much fuel when it’s trying to start. I don’t know how to prove this, other than to learn how to mess with the fuel map for the megasquirt and see if I can’t back off the fuel a big when trying to start the car. The car doesn’t like to start, it’s very hesitant to do so, and  to me it just sounds like it’s flooded and can’t ignite because of this. I’ll have to do some reading here over the next week or so to see if I can’t figure it out and get the car to reliably start.

I did start to adjust the fuel map a bit this afternoon but ended up not getting enough juice from the battery to power the starter and the fuel pump at the same time, so I’ve got the battery on the charge. The charger has been getting a workout today as it was plugged into an 89 RX-7 for a few hours while I charged the battery on that ride up so it can be loaded on the transport truck later today (if the guy ever shows up).

Earlier this week I did manage to get the datsun started, and even backed it out of the garage, but I couldn’t keep it running enough to drive it back in so I had to push it. I moved it over into the third bay so that I could make room for the F250 to park inside for the winter. That truck is huge, barely fits into our 24ft garage (we also have 18” shelves in front of it), but it does fit, so that made the wife exceptionally happy!

I’ll try to get some new photos of the Datsun later this week. I may start doing some body work prep on it, I have a coupon for a maaco paint job for $275, so I think I’ll get some bondo out to smooth out some rough spots and get it ready for paint. Bondo? Maaco? I don’t see any value in putting a lot of money into the exterior of this Datsun at this point. I just need it to run, and not be 5 different colors, so I’ll take it to Maaco for a flat black paint job and be done with it!

Today, while I was hard at work, a buddy of mine sent me a link to a car on Ebay, it was a 1984 Rabbit GTI with 517 original miles. I was looking at the car in amazement, seeing it was in St. Louis, and more so in Creve Couer, near where we used to live.

From there I clicked on another link, I'm not even sure which one, and I came across a list of cars, one that peaked my interest, a 356 speedster replica. I decided to check it out, and then I started reading more realizing it was also local to St. Louis, but get this. It is electric! I thought, oh that's cool, but then I scrolled down and started watching the video embedded into the ebay page. I'm 68 minutes into it, it's a 91 minute video.

 So it's been a while since I actually created a video of working on the car, that's not to say I haven't worked on the car, I ripped the dash out completely! That would have made a cool video, apologies for not being proactive enough to setup the camera.

Anyways, I'm back working on the car, making progress, and hoping to make more progress this weekend getting it running.

So I have been delaying wiring up the car a bit, partially because I don’t understand it all, and partially because I am afraid! I’m a computer geek, but not always the best when it comes to working on the car, I question everything I do, maybe because I blew up the last motor?

Part of the wiring problem I’ve had is that I needed to get a fuse block to start hooking things up to, the original block had melted long ago, and only half worked. Last night I went to PepBoys and CarToys looking to see if I could find anything, with no luck. Today I decided to try Napa, SCORE! I actually got two different blocks. One 6 pole and one 10 pole, that way I can break things up if necessary. I hope to get the wiring started this weekend, I would like to attempt to have the car running again, which I think really just means I need to get a switch wired for the starter.

I’m not going to deal with a key for the car, this car long run isn’t going to be something someone will be able to walk up and start anyways.

So we’ll see how far I get, I may also have to go look at this on Saturday….

So for a month or so I've been waiting for to go through the expiration process as the previous owner decided to let it expire. Well today it finally came through and guess who got it! 


Stay tuned as gets built over the coming months. No sneak peeks right now as to what I plan to do with it. It will not just become a replacement for, I don't plan on this site going away.

So the Labor Day holiday weekend is coming up, and my brother is coming to town. I’m planning on putting him to work on the car. I’m not sure what the goal for the weekend is, but I do want to at least get something done on the car!

I was looking to try another body, one popped up last week on Craigslist but the dude sold it. I emailed, called, etc but the guy wouldn’t call me back, when I finally got in touch with him someone else had already purchased it, just my luck.

So as of right now I’m going to keep the current body, unless something better pops up in the mean time.

So we’ve barely been in the house three weeks and I already lost and found something! So in my last blog post I complained that I thought I left the fiberglass dashboard for the 240Z in St. Louis. Well I was wrong! Tonight while trying to get things moved around in the garage to make room for our two primary vehicles I was up on the loft moving things and came across the dashboard!

So all is well again in land, well, as well as it can be! I was going to drive the car around the block tonight, and park it in the third car garage, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen unless I wanted to take the wiring harness out of the old dash and hook up the wires. Right now the ignition wires aren’t going to anything, so that would make it kind of hard to start the car and drive it. Oh well, I moved it around a bit by hand and made room for one of our cars in the garage at least, the F350 will have to stay outside for a while longer.

Hopefully by the end of September I’ll either have a new quieter exhaust on the car, or all the paint completely stripped off, or maybe even both!

So tonight after work I got the 240Z off the trailer, both of which had been parked in the Garage since we moved to Colorado a few weeks ago. I had lined up a storage lot for the trailer and wanted to get it out of the garage. Well the 240Z wasn’t easy to start, took a good 5+ minutes of attempts before it finally started up. Later in the day I realized the MAP hose wasn’t hooked up to the Megasquirt, that would explain the difficulty in starting! whoops.

So I dropped the trailer off and came home to organize the garage a bit, moved the newly assembled shelves in place and started going through some of my boxes. After I got bored with the unpacking I decided it was a good time to put all the bulbs and fuses that I had purchased yesterday into the car. That was pretty quick and painless, but didn’t produce any fruit! I didn’t see any lights in the rear of the car at all. So what next?

I simply decided to pull the dashboard out! The whole thing, gone, removed, not going back in (likely not) along with the blower and heater core. Why might you ask? Why not. The car will hopefully be somewhat streetable, but I won’t be using most of the gauges on the car anyways. For a speedo I’ll have the G2X (GPS data logging), for RPM I’ll likely have the G2X, or even a Netbook running the Megasquirt software to show me all the appropriate date from the ECU. So why do I need the stock dash? I don’t! Though I did realize after I pulled the dash that I left the fiberlass dashboard in St. Louis, and didn’t bring it to CO. Luckily I’m going back to STL next week for work and will hopefully get it packed up and shipped back.

I’ll need to do some creative wiring, hooking up a switch for the headlights, a horn, turn signals, and even the ignition, but I think it will be cool to have all those as switchable items on a nice clean looking dashboard, not the big old clunky stock one.

Here’s a photo sans dash.

Sans Dashboard

So I didn’t actually get anything physically done on the 240Z this weekend, but I did manage to get $40 worth of light bulbs and fuses for the car.

I hope to start getting them installed tomorrow night so that I can start testing out the wiring, see what all I am going to have to rewire/fix in order to make the car street legal. Fingers crossed that the stock wiring still works fine!


(My first blog post from my fresh install of Windows 7)